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08 May 2006 @ 07:24 pm
Mini-Prompt: Exorcising Demons  
Today I wrote a portion of a story that begins with a young woman's diagnosis in a doctor's office. Except I didn't write it at all from the young woman's point of view. I wrote the receptionist. The nurse. The doctor. A different doctor. The carpet. A doorknob. I wrote everythings point of view. Except the young woman's. I wrote hers last.

And how utterly freeing it was. I had shlubbed through every possible thought and worldview in the previous 20 points of view. When I finally got to her, I was left with just her. No wandering maybes. No random sidetracks. Everything else had a voice already.

She was free to be herself.

So, for this miniprompt, take a look at something you've written before, and write a paragraph or two from a different, but present, point of view. Give a voice to something else in the room that needs to be heard, but doesn't fit in your character's mouth.