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14 May 2006 @ 01:54 pm
Kiloword: Privacy  
If you're online, there are usually a few simple rules to assist you in maintaining some semblance of privacy. One is to not post your address, your phone number, or your daily schedule. Seems common sense enough. But year after year, naive Internetizens publish everything but their blood type and wonder who it is that keeps calling and hanging up. And what is with that strange car that keeps driving up and down your street? And even when you keep everything hush hush, there are online services that will provide all your information, and that of your relatives and neighbors, for a fee of about $20.

What would it take to go off the grid? To completely disappear electronically? Would the rules change in a world where things like the Internet didn't exist? How would you stay off the books? Under the radar?

The world your character inhabits has a comprehensive mechanism of record keeping, whether you know it yet or not. You've just discovered it. Write a kiloword exercise of that system, from blood to bone. This is for your elucidation. Be detailed. Imagine the smallest nuances of this system. Do a little digging and reseach some of the ways our own world keeps tabs on its citizens.

When you finish, write another kiloword, this time about your character, who has managed to stay off the grid and out of sight for many many years, either by their own volition, or someone else's. Does someone finally find them? How?