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kiloword's Journal

the current of wordcraft
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Kiloword is a weekly writing prompt reminder, project instigator, motivational source, and general tool for folk seeking to improve on their writing style/methods/etc. Members are welcome to join in by either commenting to posts or by posting their own fiction or prompts.

And remember..

Kiloword was birthed (and rebirthed) in early 2004 by a group of familiars interested in receiving constructive criticism on their personal writing, be it fiction, nonfiction, or letters. Kiloword was also a launching point for manuscript editing and possible submission for publication. It was a source of joy and misery for its participants. Joy for the real vitality it brought to their works. Misery for its eventual demise as a result of time constraints and the occaisional failure of the technology supporting it.

This is the third incarnation of Kiloword. It is, as before, members only.

Weekly writing prompts should, ideally, result in a 1,000 word (or kiloword) story or essay.

Members wishing to post work without exposing the material to a wider audience are encouraged to post as 'Friends Only'.

Writing prompts and project suggestions should always be public posts.

Those people requesting critique do so at their own risk. This is not a community for propping up bad writing. That said, critics are respectfully asked to keep the vitriol on the inside. The word "constructive" does not give you a license for cruelty.